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product name: Cake Rolled Baking Pan│LED
Spec: HT-106E

Cake Rolled Baking PanLED

Product Specifications

Model: HT-106E

Outer diameter: (L)670×(W)300×(H)170 mm

Frying pan size: (L)395×(W)190 mm

Electricity: Single-phase 220V 50 /60HZ 2400W


1.      Movable oil pan×1

2.      Stainless steel coil × 5

3.      Adjusting screws × 4

4.      Spanner × 1

5.      Tbsp x 1 stick




Control System:

1. Temperature control switch: LED electronic touch temperature control switch 0~200

2. Timing device: full touch time switch system 0~99 seconds


Egg roll machine / egg roll frying pan function:

1. The temperature of the upper and lower plates is controlled separately.   

2. Aluminum alloy casting frying pan, good heat conduction efficiency.   

3. Long-shaped plate design, frying rolls can be completed at one time.   

4. The machine is made of #304 stainless steel, with a movable oil pan design, which makes cleaning more convenient.   

5. Teflon pipe plugs are installed on both sides of the stainless steel coil, which is hygienic and safe.   

6. The wire adopts braided wire (upper plate), Teflon (lower plate), silicon rubber skin temperature sensitive wire (heat-resistant, oil-resistant), which is sturdy and durable. 

The company also provides customized products-welcome to call for inquiries**




Commercial EquipmentCustomized Development Services

In today's food baking industry, more and more products have been introduced.

Whether it is the space requirement or the store's special products, it is necessary to have the store's own specification design.

Huangda can customize and develop your own food machinery and equipment for you.


Customized Development Process



QWhy choose Huangda products

Huangta is a professional food machinery manufacturer; since its establishment in 1974, we have insisted on providing high-efficiency food equipment and continuously developing products that meet customer needs. And after years of hard work, with high-quality baking machinery and perfect product after-sales service, we have accumulated solid trust among customers.



Manufacturer expertise

The manufacture of the fermentation box is most basic, in addition to the beautiful and durable box, the most important thing is the internal operating system.

The series of fermentation boxes produced by our company: the temperature and humidity are controlled separately to provide the most appropriate fermentation environment for the dough, accelerate the growth of the dough, maintain the best quality of the products, and effectively save energy and save money for you.


Sales product after-sales service

In addition to the manufacture of fermenter boxes, there are also frying pans, heat preservation pots, egg roll frying pans, stainless steel trolleys, etc., and various baking peripheral equipment.

All-round service after the product is sold, providing professional maintenance technology and warranty, establishing mutual trust and tacit understanding with customers, allowing the product to increase the service life and saving customers the consumption of purchasing new products.






The four high-quality services you want are all here

Device Security

The plates used are all food-grade products.

Hygienic insulation

Use #304 T0.6MM above stainless steel plate, PU thermal insulation material to ensure hygiene and thermal insulation effect.

Stable quality

The product has a long service life and saves you the cost of constant maintenance.

Technical Services

Provide professional technical maintenance services, make an appointment immediately.


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